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Why Aromatherapy?

For many thousands of years, many different cultures have discovered the benefits of fragrance on both the mind and body. Ancient civilisations such as the Romans and the Egyptians used plant essences both for relaxation and for medicinal purposes. The mere fact that these practices and beliefs have been refined over the centuries, and not only survive today, but in fact flourish, are evidence enough to prove that the art of aromatherapy is far more than a mere placebo.

We all know that fragrances can have a distinct effect on our mood, whether it be the lingering fragrance of freshly baked bread, or perhaps newly ground coffee, or a rose garden in the balmy days of summer.

Naturally, we are all different, and where one individual may take delight in a floral oil, such as the heady scent of Jasmine, another may well prefer one of the woody aromas such as Sandalwood, one of the "earthy" oils such as Patchouli, or even a spicy oil such as Ginger or Black Pepper. The choices are legion.

Aromatherapy though is much more than simply fragrancing. As well as dramatically altering our moods, aromatherapy is much used to assist the body. From a reviving rub with some of the warming oils, to oils that are beneficial to the skin, to oils to aid digestion, or relieve athletes foot, the list goes on and on.

The ingredients of a large proportion of today's "modern" medicines contain or are derived or synthesised from plant sources, (Aspirin from willow for instance) Add this to the new endorsements constantly being offered from the medical profession, Lavender for sleep and burns, Tea Tree to combat MRSA,  etc etc, then it becomes hard to deny the benefits of aromatherapy. 

Product Specifications

Our essential oils are supplied in 5, 10, & 30 ml amber glass bottles, all sizes are fitted with tamper-evident cap with integral dropper.  Massage and Carrier oils supplied in 100ml sizes are in amber glass bottles fitted with the same black poly-cone caps.. 100ml sizes of Pure Essential Oil are supplied in an amber glass bottle with a tamper evident cap and integral dropper. 1 litre sizes are in plastic containers.

Our oils are sourced from trusted suppliers, most of whom we have been dealing with since Aromatherapy Direct began back in 1993, and some we have even dealt with during our involvement in the natural body products industry, for several years prior to this. None of our products are tested on animals.

All oils are purchased in bulk and bottled by ourselves from security sealed containers, all are labelled, dated and batch coded in house.

We supply all our essential oils in grades suitable for the practice of Aromatherapy, ie, the oil is derived from the correct plant species, and has the approved level of active constituents.  Our carrier oils are cold pressed, leaving the natural vitamin and mineral content intact. All oils are batch coded and carry a "best before" date. We supply retail customers, as well as therapists, schools, and community care projects, many of whom have been with us for a number of years.

Safety Data

Essential Oils should not be administered to pregnant women or to children. If skin sensitivity is a problem, patch test a little oil on a small area, such as the inside of the forearm prior to use. Any reaction (rare with essential oils) should be obvious within about 30 minutes.

Clicking on any oil title brings up the basic properties and safety data for that particular oil, but please note that these details are only a brief guide, are far from comprehensive, and in many cases subject to opinion. We are all still learning  about this fascinating science. Also bear in mind the fact that whilst allergies to essential oils are extremely rare, we are all individuals, with different tolerances and reactions.

Store oils away from pets and children, and wash your hands before and after use. On no account should essential oils be ingested. Follow these few simple rules, and enjoy the benefits of these fruits of nature.

Pricing Policy

Prices are kept to a very reasonable level by virtue of bottling "in house" from bulk units, selling direct, using minimal packaging, and producing labels, maintaining the website etc ourselves. We employ no sales people, do not spend a fortune on advertising, packaging, fancy stands and brochures for retailers, nor do we maintain lavish showrooms or offices. It is also our policy to supply only the "mainstream" essential oils, therefore keeping our stocks focused on the items we sell on a regular basis, and not tying up capital or space with obscure and thus slow selling items. And no, we promise never to offer you cuddly toys, tinny bracelets, travel alarm clocks, or useless FM radios.

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