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Unfortunatley we are currently not stocking Sandalwood or Vetivert. Both have drastically increased in price and we have been unable to source alternatives with the same theraputic values. We will continue to monitor the wholesale price and bring them back if the price returns to more normal levels.

Try our 30ml trial size massage oil - After Exercise Rub. A soothing blend of Lavender, Rosemary and Juniper which is great for muscles and joints and as an after exercise rub for walkers, dancers, bike and horse riders or gym goers. Find it in our Pre-Blended Massage Oil section for only £1.75.

We are pleased to confirm that Aromatherapy Direct continues to operate with as few changes as we have been able to make. Sadly Mike is no longer with us, but new guardians are looking after Mike's legacy and upholding his tradition for quality products and excellent service. We will be continuing to purchase the highest quality essential oils from Mike's original suppliers.

We can be contacted on 0791 855 4957: Please feel free to text a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. This number is currently being looked after by Kirsty, our daughter. It should be answered personally between 10am and 3pm if possible. (Kirsty runs the Bridal House so our voicemail message is now covering both businesses) Alternatively we try to answer all emails on the day of receipt. We have a facebook page - Aromatherapy Direct, Please note: if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, and we have not indicated that we are away, please check your spam filter in case our response has gone there, if not we may not have received your message.

Some customers prefer to pay by cheque. Unfortunately our one and only bank, based in the next village, has closed and banking cheques will be more difficult. Please be warned that it may be neccessary to discontinue the option of paying by cheque.